If you’re a small-town dentist who is struggling a bit when it comes to attracting new patients, then maybe are a few things that you have to spruce up in your dental practice to make your business a household name. As a matter of fact, everyone needs a dentist. This means that it shouldn’t be too hard for you to find a client. When you really think about it, everybody in town could actually be your patient.  

 Dental Practice

However, things can be quite a challenge if there are many other dentists practicing in the area. The situation could get worse if there are a lot of bigger clinics and flashier reception areas as well. If these are the type of competitors that you’re up against, then below are some effective tips on how to make your unassuming dental practice stand out: 

  1. Show off your competitive advantage. 

Your dental practice should be unique in certain way. You have to offer something that no other dentist does. If you don’t have that or you don’t know what that is yetit’s time to reorganize your practice. Make a list of all your competitive advantages and combine them all together. That should be your competitive advantage.  

  1. Make your services more personal. 

You can’t compete with the big wigs in terms of size and capacity but you can make your services more personal to each and every single one of your patients. If your patients genuinely feel that you’re taking great lengths to care for their dental health, then they would rather choose you than the much larger dental offices that merely treat them as a number.  

  1. Expand your knowledge,skills, and experience. 

Make yourself more of an expert than you already are. The more trainings and conferences you attend, the more you knowledge, training, and skills you gain that you can pass on or share with your patients. Improving your expertise should be part of your undying commitment.  

  1. Offer flexible financial options.

While everyone needs a dentist, the sad reality is that not everyone can afford one. If this is the case, then you should go out of your way to provide your patients with flexible, convenient, and affordable financing options. Doing so gives you an advantage over others who can’t offer anything else than an insurance deduction.  

  1. Be more accessible. 

Patients love it if their needs are attended to immediately and hate it if they aren’t. Be sure that you’re very easy to reach by making booking online and through phone a seamless process. Your staff should also be well trained in handling customer requests as all the things that they do reflects back on your dental practice. 

These tips are applicable to all dentists who have their own clinics, wherever in the US they may be. If you’re based in Southern Oregon and you’re having a hard time attracting new patients, you might want to improve your dental practice by simply following these tips. Once you do, you’ll see how many new faces will come to see you at the clinic every day.